WH Questions


How is it when you ask “why”?

Does it bite your bite your guilt feel?

For what exactly are you asking “why”?

“Why” did he leave me?

“Why” am i so fat?

“Why” is my skin not healthy?

“Why” me?

“Why” do i exist?

Wait, don’t you think that’s a wrong “why” you’re using?

Damn, yes definitely it is the wrong “why” you’re asking yourself.

It was THE PERIOD so he left. He had to go.

My love, you’re beautiful. Fat, pimpled dark skin, frizzy hair, doesn’t matter.

You exist because you’ve got a lot of untouched pastas, pizzas, cheesecakes and manchurians on your plate.

Why are you wasting your “whys” behind such stupid questions?

Why don’t you ask “why” am I lacking?

“Why” am I not on the right path?

“Why” am I not able to function as I am supposed to?

After those “whys” you’ll find the “wheres” and “hows” and “whens” and “whats”.

These grammatical “WH” questions are very important. Don’t waste ’em.

Take the right advantage of them.

And, after that my child these “WH” questions will work for you like Weed and meth.

You’ll enjoy the trip. You’ll enjoy zoning out. You’ll get addicted to it.

You know “why”,

Because, you’ll be achieving some solid level of success.

And, you’ll want more of it.

Later, you know what to ask yourselves right?!



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